New Toshiba Original Tec CE4W1 - E20FE70509 - Print Head

New Toshiba Original Tec CE4W1 - E20FE70509 - Print Head Compatible with Rastek EFI

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New Toshiba Original Tec CE4W1 - E20FE70509 - Print Head


    Unique technology of jetting multiple drops onto a single dot creates wide range of grayscale with minimum 6 pl to maximum 90 pl (15 drops) per dot.
    Higher driving frequency(especially at small drops) CA4 realizes 28KHz at 1drop (6pL) mode, which is twice as fast as the existing CA3 using the same interface.


Excellent dot placement accuracy: Accurate dot placement is achievable with excellent piezo process and jetting control technology. UV curable and Oil based pigment ink compatible TOSHIBA TEC's inkjet head is compatible with both UV curable and oil based pigment inks. Oil based pigment ink is quick-drying, and suitable for a high-speed application with absorptive substrates required. UV curable ink is fit with non-absorptive substrates, and suitable for various industrial applications. Aqueous ink, solvent ink and other special types of ink needs testing with printheads.

Please consult with TOSHIBA TEC in case those type of inks are required for your application. CA heads are equipped with a chassis with a water channel and water ports. Circulating thermal controlled water in the chassis creates uniform temperature distribution in the printhead. It allows more stable jetting performance.

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